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228 September 3rd, 2017

Smash 3C Lakitu and Spinies by MaybeGreg, mnsg, Aghanim
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

Yeah, it's like there's more to Smash 3C than just playable fighte-- Oh, shoot, I'm sorry. Lakitu and Spinies make their way to Smash 3C, with their classic Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. available!

Check out the Smash 3C Project here!

116 December 26th, 2016

KITTY by Ebola16
[Item - Import - Assist Trophy]

Here's a kitty from Batman: Arkham Asylum.
It replaces the Nintendog.
Instructions and kitty sounds are included.

92 October 8th, 2016

Pacman ghosts over excite bikers by Neon Green
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

Hey everyone, first item texture by me :)
Its the pacman ghosts! (over the excite bikers)
The only glitch I guess is the fact that the ghosts clip through each other
Enjoy :)

275 September 27th, 2015

Smash 3C Andross by Aghanim, ledgerewskie
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

Here's Andross for Smash 3C! He simply got the updated shaders he deserves. Have fun and Happy Smashing!


274 September 27th, 2015

Smash 3C Starfy by ledgerewskie, Aghanim
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

Update: 9/27/15: Updated Starfy Shaders to make him look like his Smash 4 WiiU Appearance
It's Starfy for Smash 3C! He's been retextured with a boost in texture resolution, though the filesize is nearly the same, so there shouldn't be any issues. IT'S TERRIBLE TESTING ASSIST TROPHIES.

Have fun!


293 August 18th, 2015

Smash 3C Ray Mk III by ledgerewskie, Tailsmiles249, Aghanim
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

It's Ray Mk III from Custom Robo with Smash 3 textures! Includes new shaders and a boosted resolution in textures, all while staying about the same filesize.


126 August 11th, 2015

No Resetti by secretchaos1
[Item - Import - Assist Trophy]

This was originally designed as a BrawlEx fix, however if your config files are set up correctly Resetti shouldn't cause any crashes with BrawlEx. If you're having crashes still and can't figure them out, this can help you bypass most of them.

This Resetti just vanishes upon hitting the ground. Good if you find him annoying, or are having difficulties like I mentioned above.
Goes into pf/item/resetsan

(Note: I set the subtype of the Vault entry to import since this doesn't really classify under any of the 3 options given)

26 May 2nd, 2017

Barbara's Air Guitar by STHFan1992
[Item - Vertex - Assist Trophy]

Barbara's Air Guitar (a.k.a. Barbara with no Guitar) is a fun mod that I came up with, also comes with a trophy.

184 April 18th, 2015

Melee Waluigi Trophy by ansheeptale
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

Waluigi based on his melee trophy. I also made his tennis racket look like the one from Mario Tennis (64). Enjoy ;)

80 January 7th, 2015

Alternate Lakitu & Spinies by SMFan with credit to Nintendo
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

Look out! Lakitu and his Spinies are back, with new looks! It's their appearances in NES SMB3 and the All-Stars versions of SMB1 & 3.

To use these, put the files into their folders (pf/item/****, as in Asf****Brres.pac).

68 July 29th, 2014

Code Monkeys by Xerom
[Item - Texture, Import - Assist Trophy]

\"Congratulations everybody, this is a regular carnival of shame.\"

Second pic leads to the rest of the images.
Includes Jerry over \"soldier,\" Dave over \"Tank,\" and the former along with Black Steve over \"Excitebike\"

277 July 18th, 2014

Silver the Hedgehog V3 by SUPAHSAWNIK99
[Item - Import - Assist Trophy]

Updated with better animations and SFX. Enjoy!

This is using the Silver model from the Green Hill Zone stage, in case anybody wanted to know.

249 February 4th, 2014

8-bit Metroid by Mattimation
[Item - Texture, Import - Assist Trophy]


Oh hey I made another one of these.

This is actually a hack I've wanted to do for a long time and finally got around to it. It's the 8-bit Metroid getting some spotlight in Brawl!

It flashes when it's lashed onto someone and it doesn't flash when it's not.

I tried my best to make sure it didn't flash too fast and too much but I'm gonna give the warning anyway. If you have Epilepsy or react violently to flashing colors you might not want to download this Hack for your own safety.

Besides that however hope you Enjoy using this hack!

440 December 6th, 2013

Trollface Distraction Redux by ABloodyCanadian
[Item - Texture, Import - Assist Trophy]

I felt the need to update this...

What's different? Higher Res Image, and the Trollface comes out of the Trophy now.

208 October 15th, 2014

Sonic SA2 over Shadow (Assist Trophy) by TheBlueBlur, Mattimation
[Item - Texture, Vertex - Assist Trophy]

I dont use Gecko to get any Assist trophies to appear, so It will take a pretty long time to get Shadow (Sonic) to take a pic
Sonic SA2 over Shadow
renmade the animations so that it will not look weird.
(Got reported for not taking pics of the model in-game. Cant you read? It would take too long time to see Shadow in brawl.)

54 September 9th, 2013

Alm (fire emblem gaiden) by WolfFEn
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

Alm from fire emblem gaiden. Goes over Soldier and tank.

172 July 15th, 2013

Slender Assist Trophy by LinkIsAwesome117
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

Always watches...No eyes.

126 September 3rd, 2013

Code Lyoko Odd Della Robbia over Isaac by E-scope12
[Item - Import - Assist Trophy]

38 June 26th, 2013

Colorful Isaac by E-scope12
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

1077 December 9th, 2015

Slender Man (Assistant Trophy) by StupidMarioFan1, Iwvi
[Item - Import - Assist Trophy]

A lot of you guys have asked what the code was that I used in the video and where to put the files, I made a Text file that answers those questions.
Okay so so far Slendy doesn't appear on Riivo for somebody, PM if you don't get him for you and weither or not you use Riivo or Gecko.
(Please collaborate if you make retextures or something, Credit is fine for using in a project.)
Slender Man behaving a bit more like The Eight Pages and The Arrival, mainly the part where he gets you.
A Troll Face import was made before, but this takes it to a whole new level since you can barely see where you are through the static (it is possible mind you), and Slendy takes up a third of so of the screen. >:D
Comes in all three of iwvi's textures: Classy, where Slendy's body is solid white, Shadow, where he has shading on his body and is used in the video, and Bloody where his body is smear with blood obviously.
Because Nintendog has two models, one for when he pops out of the trophy and one for when he's infront of the camera, you can mix and match the textures so you can have say the classy break out of the trophy and yet the bloody one appear infront of the camera. You can give a few scares if you're having friends over and have the textures mixed. ;D
Now the sound effects, I included a smashbros_sound.brsar that already has the sounds in them, but I included two sawnd files to use on your smashbros_sound.brsar if you have other custom sounds like say a Vegeta voice pack or Melee Mario sounds pack. The first is the Slender Man sounds that go over Nintendog's sounds, the second is an edited Garden sound pack that replaces two pointless and ear-damning sounds to a 11 millisecond sound. You won't notice the difference ingame, but it gets rid of a lot of file memory since those two sounds are 18 seconds and 7 seconds long, plus the Slendy sounds make the file go over the limit if you don't replace the sounds.

59 July 18th, 2016

Goroh's sword sets characters on fire by Brandondorf9999
[Item - Vertex - Assist Trophy]

Another item psa involving Goroh's sword. His sword sets characters on fire if he attacks a player with it. Even though this is a dark effect, the darkness fire contains black smoke.

140 January 28th, 2014

Smash Assist by reilavac
[Item - Texture - Assist Trophy]

Feel free to change the colors up and make your own

146 October 20th, 2014

Enderman over Waluigi by janitoalevic with credit to Mojang, for the Enderman Textures (obviusly)
[Item - Texture, Vertex, Import - Assist Trophy]

486 November 6th, 2021

Quote (Assist Trophy) by KTH, Pik, LJSTAR
[Item - Texture, Vertex, Import - Assist Trophy]

756 November 6th, 2021

Roronoa Zoro (Assist Trophy) by KTH
[Item - Texture, Vertex, Import - Assist Trophy]

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